Lustrum III

Coming year will be like no other, since Asset | International Business & Management will be celebrating her 15th birthday! 

‘Expand Your World’ is the motto of our department, and the core of our existance which makes us that special. Our members have arrived to Tilburg from all over the world, and they come together at our informal and career oriented events as one big family. No matter the background, we are all in the Orange Army.

We will be taking you on a journey during our Lustrum period, with the theme “Around The World in 80 Days”.

Travel with us

Interested in doing a board year?

Board applications for Asset | International Business & Management are open now!

During a board year at Asset | IB&M you develop yourself in many ways. You will have the opportunity to expand your social network, get acquainted with potential future employers, gain practical knowledge and, above all, have a lot of fun!

As a board member, you work together closely with five other board members, who all have their respective responsibilities. Together, you are the face of the association, and you will manage it as such! 

Together with your fellow board members, you come across lots of different challenges and situations, which can help you develop yourself for your future. Every board member will have some responsibilities within Asset | IB&M, as well as within Asset Tilburg. 

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