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Student Care

The task of the confidential advisor is to make problems open for discussion (again) and thereby contribute to finding the solution to these problems. For the employee or student who is confronted with unacceptable behavior, the confidential advisor is the point of contact. You can also contact them in case of suspicion of malpractice. The task of the confidential advisor is to assist, inform, guide, and advise the employee or student about possibilities to put an end to undesirable behavior. If necessary, the confidential advisor can advise and assist in any further steps to be taken. If necessary, the confidential advisor also supports and guides the employee or student in filing a complaint about unacceptable behavior. Whatever approach is chosen, the confidential advisor will always act in consultation with and with the consent of the reporter.

Within Asset | International Business & Management, two of our own board members have followed a training to be a confidential contact person. Sander (left) and Sam (right) can be contacted for assistance, you can phone them, or come by at our rooms (E.1.14).

Confidential Contact Persons Tilburg University

In case you would rather contact someone outside of Asset, contact the CCP from Tilburg University:

Anke Bisschops (extern)
Meeting room: S 9
Phone: 06 8132 1411

Hein Coppes
Meeting room: C 15
Phone: (013 466) 4061

Kristel van Oosterbosch
Room: A 105
Phone: (013 466) 2840