Study Trips

On this webpage you can find our previous trips, including an aftermovie and description of what we experienced there! Want to know more about joining this committee, or taking part in the next trip? Send an email to our vice-chairman Ron Lether!

ITC 2019 - Miami and Mexico city

This year we went to Miami and Mexico City, where we visited companies like DSV - Global Transport and Logistics, SAP, BDO USA, Sintec, TEC University and Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México!

During this trip we also went to Wynwood (a neighborhood in Miami), Teotihuacán, Chapultepec Castle and much more as you can see in our video.

This trip was organised by:

  • Tim van der Linden
  • Gijs Korthout
  • Jesper de Voijs
  • Timo Scheidel
  • Margot Janus
  • Daan van Os (Coordinator)

This video was made and edited by Margot Janus

ITC 2018 - Singapore and Hong kong

This year we went to Singapore and Hong Kong, where we visited companies like Aramex, the Dutch Embassy, Flow Traders, Friesland Campina and NFIA!

In these countries we also went to the Singapore Zoo (by night!), a treetop walk, traditional Hong Kong restaurants, and the 10.000 buddha monastery. 

This trip was organised by:

  • Tom van Doorne
  • Marieke van Caulil
  • Sjoerd van Bentum
  • Jet Janssen (Coordinator)

This video was made and edited by Kas Peijnenburg

ITC 2017 - Vancouver and seattle

In 2017 our trip went to Seattle and Vancouver! Here we went to companies like Moz, GroundSpeak, Artefact, Port of Seattle, Port of Vancouver, University of BC, Teck and Boeing!

We went skiing, cycling and much more! See it in our video. 

This trip was organised by:

  • Caitlin Strookappe
  • Remy Kastelein
  • Jasper Wessels
  • Riannse Simons
  • Sven Promper (Coordination)

This video was made and edited by Remy Kastelein

ITC 2016 - Tokyo and seoul

In 2016 our ITC went to Tokyo and Seoul! There we visited, amongst others, Samsung, Panasonic and the Dutch Embassy. 

We also took part in cultural experiences such as a traditional tea ceremony, a K-pop concert including PSY, and a lotus festival. 

The trip was organised by

  • Eline van de Ven
  • Rik Jonker
  • Leonardo Carlo Calisse
  • Roy Schuiveling
  • Dirk Snoeren
  • Ilse Borst (Coordination)

This video was made and edited by Maartje Zielhuis


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