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Study Abroad

Asset | International Business & Management is the Asset study department for Bachelor students of International Business Administration (IBA) and for Master students International Management (IM). Within these study programs, most students spend a semester abroad, as it is highly recommended and students are mostly internationally oriented.

As studying abroad is an unforgettable and equally enriching experience, with an upfront good preparation - Asset | International Business & Management wants to help its members who are interested in studying abroad. Therefore, we made a special section on our website that will help you with various issues regarding spending a semester abroad.

Choosing a destination

Choosing the right location is very important, since you will be spending a full semester there. There are several aspects to consider while making your choice. Of course the university you will be attending is important, but there is more to spending a semester abroad than just academics. Think about getting to know another culture and the travel opportunities your choice will bring. Also different universities demand different requirements to be fulfilled, on the website of the International Office you can find information regarding requirements for different universities. So when you choose your destination think about this not just as studying abroad but as an opportunity to broaden your horizon. A lot of our members have spent a semester abroad, to help you to make your choice easier and learn about personal experiences we have gathered some experience reports on our website, also we organize an Exchange Dinner every semester to give you the opportunity to ask students who have spent a semester abroad everything about their experiences abroad and their reasons for choosing the University they have attended.

Click here to find an overview of all the destinations available to you.