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The first guidelines are up for sale! 

By filling in this form you can order your guidelines to help with passing your courses. Remember that you should see the guidelines as an extra help and it does not replace any other material that has to be studied. For Asset members guidelines cost 3€, for non-members they cost 5€. Payment is only possible in cash! Take your Asset Member Card, if you are a member.

You will get a confirmation email when you ordered the guidelines correctly, without this confirmation email we cannot give the guidelines.

Furthermore, if you ordered Human Resource Management or Philosophy of Science, you can come back with the first part of the guideline to get the second part needed for the final. This is possible when the second part of the guideline is available.

Guidelines can be picked up after two working days if it's ordered before 16.00h.

Did you order your guideline on Monday before 16.00? Then you can pick up your guideline on Thursday. Did you order your guideline on Friday? Then you can pick up your guideline on Wednesday.

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