Study Support provided by Asset | International Business & Management

One of the three pillars that our association is based on, is providing study support for students of the Bsc International Business Administration, and the Msc International Management. 

Asset | International Business & Management provides study support in the following three different ways. First we provide a large assortment of guidelines for the bachelor International Business Admnistration. These guidelines are available for both Asset members, and non-Asset members.

Secondly, we provide students interested in spending a semester abroad with information, such as exchange experience reports, and an exchange orientation event in which ex-exchangers present about their time abroad. 

Thirdly, we organize several study trips per year to different destinations, such as the Intercontinental Study Trip (ITC), the European Study Trip (ETC), and the International Management Trip (IM). During these trips, we visit several companies and governmental institutions, do cultural activities, and have lots of fun together!

Besides Study Supported by Asset | International Business & Management, you can also visit the website of MAK supported by Asset for more information about tutorships.


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