IM Trip

Company visits, visits to universities, cultural activities, informal activities. In short: have an amazing time with your fellow IM students on another continent!

The academic director, Louis Mulotte, and education coordinator, Hülya Koçak, will also accompany us on this trip.  

The trip will be from January 19 till January 30 in Abu Dabhi and Dubai;

The price of the event will be around 799 euros, this can be paid in two ways:
- Pay the full sum of around 799 euros all at once
- Pay in 3 installments as follows: 300 euros on 25/10, 250 on 30/11, and 249 on 30/12.

We hope to see you there!

Please note: this trip is only open to students from the MSc International Management!

January 19 January 30
Registration Deadline
October 22, 00:00h
Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Organized by:

IM Trip Committee

Registration for this event is closed...


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