IBA Trip

The annual IBA trip is just around the corner! This year, however, the trip will be partly online.

Companies from different countries will give presentations that will broaden your horizon and get you inspired!

The day will consist of a morning part and an evening part. You can either join both or one. During the day you have the opportunity to listen to great speakers of different companies, orient yourself and be inspired.

Next to the formal part of the event, you can also join a nice informal lunch, and/or the evening program. In the evening there will be a nice informal drink and some more social activities to end the day in a nice international setting.

During lunch time, we would like to offer participants of the morning program the possibility to have lunch (provided by us) at café De Vrienden van Tilburg in Tilburg, or at your own place. 

Schedule of the day:
Morning part
10:00-12:45 company presentations
13:15-14:30 lunch break at 'De Vrienden van Tilburg'

Evening part
20:00-22:00 IBA trip afterparty (which you can attend with a small group, within the limits set by the government)

Took place on May 11, 10.00h May 11
Registration Deadline
May 07, 23:59h
Online (optional lunch in Tilburg)
Participating companies

Organized by:

IBA Committee

Address café De Vrienden van Tilburg:
Heuvelring 5038, 116 CL Tilburg


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