Goodbye Activity

Are you ready for one more event? Are you ready to say goodbye to the greatest study association for one semester? Are you ready to give everything you have, to be the craziest version of yourself?  It is time to play Crazy 88!

On June 11, we will make the streets of Tilburg more fun with this amazing challenge! This evening you can do a polonaise with a Polish person and turn a team member into a real mummy! Are you able to complete all the challenges and earn many points? The winning team will receive an amazing price!

At the end of the evening we’ll have some free beer at the Boekanier!

June 11, 19.15h
Registration Deadline
July 04, 12:00h
Café De Boekanier

Organized by

The Exchange Committee

Unsubscription Deadline

June 4, 12:00

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