The-Future-Of-Marketing Event

The CUBE ■ Tilburg University ■ 16:45-18:30  ■ 29 October 2019

The “future of marketing” event is a unique event in which you have the opportunity to meet Senior Marketing Executives from big International corporations. These people work at the highest levels in their companies and hardly find time to come to student events at universities. They will come to Tilburg University to meet students, not only to share their ideas and insights but also to answer your questions. The inspiring event will be moderated by Prof. Ronald de Jong (Distinguished Professor of Practice and Board Member Philips) and Prof. Bart Bronnenberg.


  • Nanne Bos – Global Brand Leader – ING
  • Blake Cahill – SVP and Head of Digital Marketing & E-Commerce – Philips
  • Peter Haug – Marketing Director – BMW Group Nederland
  • Bas Rookhuijzen – Head of Marketing Benelux – Google Cloud
  • Bart van Zijll Langhout – Vice President, Strategic Alliances EMEA & Campus Lead, Janssen – Johnson & Johnson

The discussion will be channeled around three themes:

  1. Importance of Ethics and Sustainability in Marketing
    Marketing is about getting consumers to buy products they don't want at a price that is too high from the cost of selling, right? Is that really true? What is good marketing? What should be its objective? How should marketing organizations behave in a way that is ethical and sustainable? Should/could marketing be a force of positive change in addressing the big challenges of today’s world? How do we know we are on the right track? For instance, can marketing policy help reduce food waste, CO2 emissions, or help consumers achieve long run health goals and not be myopic?   
  2. Story telling, positioning, and reputation management
    Consumers can't cope with the day-to-day avalanche of commerce related information. A typical consumer in the Western world receives between 3000-10000 brand impressions each day. So, among the most important things a firm can do in such an environment is to summarize to consumers, through story telling and imagery, what it stands for and what the key benefit of its products are. A firm’s reputation is often the vessel that holds such information in the mind of a consumer. How is reputation built? But also, what should firms do when consumers' perception of their reputation is harmed?  
  3. Digitization, Social media, and the Future of Marketing
    Among the most fundamental changes to the marketing landscape in the past 25 years, is the unprecedented opportunity to first recognize consumers, define and target highly specific segments, and second engage in one-to-one exchange of goods and information. Digitization and social media play a key role in these changes. But there is also transparency and the opportunity for consumers to mobilize, review, and judge the value proposition offered by firms. If the marketing discipline was traditionally about fostering transactions by lowering the frictions of information and geography, will information technology and fulfillment & logistics take its place? Where does marketing add value nowadays? What are the future opportunities and where do you see limitations, boundaries, risks and threats in leveraging digital technology for marketing purposes?

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Took place on October 29, 17.00h
Registration Deadline
October 29, 18:30h
Participating companies
Johnson & Johnson
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