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Last year, shortly after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tilburg University mobilized 50 of its brightest scientists to write a book about “how COVID-19 will be transforming society”, you can find more about the theme here. The book was publicized via various channels including “golden open access” by Springer publishers and was downloaded more than 35.000 times!! You can find the book here. With “the new common” we seemed to have hit a topic of common interest!

Now, more than a year later, we see that the pandemic is still around and we start to realize the profound long-term impact the pandemic will have on society. We want to hear from you and learn how you think the pandemic will transform society in the years to come; whether it will be accelerating some of the much-needed transitions towards a fair, equal and sustainable future, or whether it will amplify some of the big challenges society is facing?

As a follow-up on “the new common”, TiU has decided to organize an essay contest with the theme “shaping new commons”. For this essay contest, we are inviting our students as well as members of the youth chapters of renowned organizations like the Social Economic Council (SER), United Nations Global Compact, Ashoka, West Wing (the youth chapter of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs), the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition, Politika and many more to submit their views on the new commons that will define our societies in the years ahead. Via the link you will find a position paper to provide guidance.

A diverse jury consisting out of representatives from TiU and participating organizations will select the best 10 essays.

The essays will be published in the form of a book and it is planned to publish articles in high caliber national and international media. Also, it is envisioned to present the bundled essays to key decision-makers in the public- and the private sector as input for their strategic plans going forward. We are anticipating high media attention at the National Level.

The best 10 essays will be selected to present themselves at the final event taking place in February. These 10 teams will all win a great prize. All of these teams and their members will be mentioned in an article that will be published. To have an officially published paper in your time as a student is one of the biggest accomplishments you can get, and this is your chance.

From the 10 best essays, three winners will be selected. These winners will be offered the opportunity (to apply for) an apprenticeship at one of the participating organizations, a lunch meeting with senior leaders out of the Public and Private sector as well as 2500 EUR.

The deadline for indicating your interest in participation will be November 30, while the deadline for submitting the essay itself is set for January 15. You can participate in this contest on your own or as a team (max. three authors).

A full explanation of the essay contest can be found here!

For any questions, reach out to [email protected]

* Participation in this event is free

October 20 February 28
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November 30, 00:00h
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