Global Sustainable Leadership: How the COVID pandemic can accelerate the transition to an inclusive and sustainable society

Series on Global Sustainable Leadership: 

On February 24, Tilburg University, in cooperation with Asset | International Business & Management, will organize the Global Sustainable Leadership event. 

It’s a pleasure to invite you for the second session in the Global Sustainable Leadership series. A session about: How the COVID pandemic can accelerate the transition to an inclusive and sustainable society

In this series, we open the debate between students and global leaders to discuss how global enterprises, governments, and NGOs can contribute to achieving the 17 international Sustainable Development Goals adopted by all United Nations Member States. 

We are extremely proud to have Herman Wijffels: Former Chairman of the Executive Board at Rabobank, former Chairman of the Economic and Social Council (SER), and the former Dutch administrator at the World Bank in Washington and Suzanne Laszlo: Director at UNICEF Netherlands, Board member at Giro555 and Chairwoman of the Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation, as key-note speakers for this session. These two leaders will shed their light on ‘Sustainable Leadership’ and creating ‘The New Common’. Ronald de Jong, (Distinguished Professor of Practice at Tilburg University, and former member of the executive board at Philips) and Jorna Leenheer (Academic Director Bsc. International Business Administration) will moderate the debate.

This edition is on “Global Sustainable Leadership: How the pandemic can accelerate the transition to an inclusive and sustainable society?”. This event poses the discussion on the role of corporate organizations, governmental institutions and NGOs in the creation of societal value. What is the role of global leaders in facing the complex challenges like poverty and inequality that affect their organization? How does the COVID-19 pandemic affect these challenges and how does it for instance affect the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people?

In order to address these problems effectively, we need to reshape the future towards a system that balances economic, environmental and societal value. 

If you are interested in the topic of global and sustainable leadership, if you have always wanted to discuss and debate topics that matter with the leaders of today, or if you want to be inspired to become the Global Sustainable Leader of tomorrow, then register for this unique session. 


About the series: 

The series on Global Sustainable Leadership is intent on making students of Tilburg University aware of the global social, environmental, and economic challenges the world is currently facing. The series tries to explain how these challenges affect business, government and civil society. By attending these sessions, students are inspired to think critically about personal leadership, discuss the role of corporate enterprises in society and explain the need for collaboration between governments, corporations, multilateral institutions and NGOs.


Took place on February 24, 15.00h February 24, 16.30h
Registration Deadline
February 23, 18:00h

Click here for the Zoom link of the event

Herman Wijffels

Suzanne Laszlo

Participation fee

Zoom session opens at 14:45 and the event will start at 15:00

Also eligible for points for: 

- Professional Skills (IBA)
- COA (MSc International Management)
- CoEE (MSc Marketing)

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