In-house Day Accenture

Join our In-House Day with Accenture on June 24!  Accenture is one of the biggest consultancy companies. Working at Accenture, things are a little different because Accenture is not just another corporation. We are a global collective of talented, passionate individuals - and together, we are more than the sum of our parts. We are all about producing first-class work, challenging one another to do better, and having fun.

Accenture cares about what they are doing. Does that sound like somewhere you would fit in? Join the inhouse-day to explore the company!

The Inhouseday will take place from 13.00h till +/- 19.00h. During the day we will start with a workshop about a real-life case with one of Accenture’s customers. Afterward, we will have a guided tour through the building to get to know the atmosphere. At last, we will enjoy some delicious snacks and drinks from Accenture while networking!

Hopefully, you are just as excited as we are to get to know more about Accenture

Took place on June 24, 13.00h June 24, 19.00h
Registration Deadline
June 19, 23:59h
Participating companies
Registration for this event is closed...


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