IBA Alumni Event

The BSc International Business Administration is a broad educational program, where will it lead you to in terms of future career perspectives? On May 6, the IBA program, in collaboration with study association Asset | IB&M, organizes its first alumni event especially for IBA students.

During this event, four ambitious IBA alumni will present their journey after they finished IBA. They have interesting and varying stories to tell, and after a short presentation there is ample time to ask questions and interact.

We have the following line-up of alumni for the event: 

Opening (19:00-19:10)

  • Koen Aarns (19:10-19:35) - Founder and CEO of Bluetick. After finishing his master Data Science & Entrepreneurship (TiU) he founded the company Bluetick, a legal research platform used for in-depth research. Created by data scientists in collaboration with innovative lawyers at leading firms.

  • Pauline Slebos (19:35-20.00) - Consultant bij SpendLab performance improvement. After IBA, Pauline obtained the master International Management (TiU). Currently she is a consultant at SpendLab Performance Improvement in Amsterdam, a management consulting firm with a focus on purchasing, operations, change management and financial management.

  • Andrei Bonau (20:10-20:35) - Romanian international student who attended high school in Germany, after which he came to Tilburg University where he studied IBA and  graduated from two masters (Strategic Management and Supply Chain Management). He now works in Prague, Czech Republic, as a Sales & Operations Planning Consultant at Solventure

  • Timo Vugts (20:35-21:00) - After finishing IBA, Timo obtained his Master’s Degree International Management (EUR). He now works in Geneva, Switzerland at Proctor and Gamble as Senior Brand Manager - P&G Professional Europe, Flash & Mr. Proper

Attending the entire program is preferred, but it is allowed to only attend a sub set of the time slots. 
* Note that in order to obtain points for Professional Skills (IBA year 2), you need to attend the whole event (this will be monitored). 

Participation in this event is free.

Took place on May 06, 19.00h May 06, 21.00h
Registration Deadline
May 05, 13:59h

2nd year IBA students can obtain points for Professional Skills (only if you attend the whole event).


Koen Aarns (19:10-19:35)
Pauline Slebos (19:35-20:00)
Andrei Bonau (20:10-20:35)
Timo Vugts (20:35-21.00)

Zoom Link (will open a couple minutes before 19.00h)

Registration for this event is closed...


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