First Years Pubquiz

Do you have what it takes to win the First Years Pubquiz?!

On November 17th, 2020, the First Years Pubquiz will take place. 

In light of the current corona situation, the decision has been made to organize the Pubquiz online on Zoom. However, you can meet up with your team in real life IF allowed by the current regulations.

You can join with a team or just on your own! If you want to join with a team, fill in the same team name on the registration form. The teams are with a maximum of four contestants.

The Pubquiz will be hosted online, consisting of several, different themed rounds of questions. After every round, the best team gets a shot at the wheel of fortune! If you have the most correct answers of the whole quiz, you win the Grand Prize!

Also, make sure to have enough drinks with you, the Pubquiz host might hand out strafadtjes ;)

If not allowed or if you do not feel comfortable meeting up in person, we will provide Zoom break-out rooms to make sure everyone has the opportunity to compete.

The Pubquiz will be live streamed through YouTube, you will receive the livestream link on the day of the Pubquiz.


Xoxo, First Year Committee

Took place on November 17, 20.00h
Registration Deadline
November 15, 23:59h

Organized by

The First Year Committee


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