First Year Crazy 88

The First Year Committee has 88 fun challenges ready for you to complete!

Sign up to get to know more of your fellow IBA Year 1 students! You will complete challenges in and around Tilburg center!
You can sign up with a maximum of 4 people as a team. If you don’t have a (full) team, you will be placed with other first-year IBA students so you can get to know them better!

Make sure you have a bike in Tilburg for the challenges! You can also hire an OV-bike and the Tilburg station!

The Crazy 88 starts at around 14:00h and the challenges last until 17:30h

Took place on July 08, 14.00h July 08, 18.00h
Registration Deadline
July 06, 23:59h

Organized by:

First Year Committee

Registration for this event is closed...


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