Department Members Meeting

On Thursday January 30, the semi-annual Department Members' Meeting will take place. During this meeting, the current board will give an update on the policy progress, the ins and outs of the past semester, the financial situation of our Association, and the new board will present the plans for the upcoming semester.

If you would like to know what is going on within the Association and give your input into the strategy and policy of our Association this is the perfect opportunity for you!

During the DMM a vote will be taken upon discharging Wesley Romijn and Margot Janus as board members. There will also be a vote upon installing Ron Lether and Gijs Korthout as the new board members of Asset | International Business & Management. 

No subscription is required for this event.


The DMM will start around approximately 18.30 in CZ007, we hope to see you all there! Afterwards, we will head towards 'De Vrienden van Tilburg' for the Constitution Drink and wave goodbye to the old board members. 

Took place on January 30, 18.30h


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