Bikes & Beers

On the May 7 we will organize 'Bikes & Beers'.

During this event, you will bike from place to place while drinking a beer. At every stop you have to compete against an AC member or your fellow biking buddy!

This event will be in the afternoon, so if you do not live in Tilburg you can still join. The only condition to attending this event is that you need a bike (You can also use an OV-bike).

You will be placed with a fellow member, so you get to meet some new people.

In order to adhere to the Covid rules, we have made two time slots, from which you can choose.

So pump up your tires, get your sunglasses and sign up!

Took place on May 07, 14.30h May 07, 21.00h
Registration Deadline
May 06, 23:59h

Organized by:

Activities Committee

Registration for this event is closed...


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