Beers & Fries Table

On May 20, we will organize ‘Beers & Fries Table’.

The event is at café 'De Vrienden van Tilburg'. You will sit there for 2 hours with unlimited beer, for just 1 euro, playing various drinking games. Or you can just catch up with fellow members!

Do not worry, you will not be hungry, we will also provide a fries table, which is just a big table with a mountain of french fries and snacks on it. So, you can enjoy those beers with some food.

So, subscribe, because who doesn’t want to get some beers with fellow members and catch up?!

Took place on May 20, 18.00h May 20, 20.00h
Registration Deadline
May 19, 23:59h
De Vrienden van Tilburg

Organized by:

Drinks & Themes committee


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