Intercontinental Travel Committee

Every year Asset | International Business & Management organizes a big study trip, the Intercontinental Travel. The Intercontinental Travel is approximately two weeks, to one or two countries outside Europe. The trip will always partly take place during the Eastern or May holiday. During these weeks we visit several companies, explore the city, get to know the culture of the country, and of course have lots of fun! 

What does the committee do?
The committee will first think of an interesting destination. This can be far outside of Europe! When they decided upon the destination they will start with contacting companies for the company visits. In the meantime, they will start promoting the trip and the subscription takes place. A total of 25 participants can join. The committee will also arrange all the transportation, accommodation and cultural visits.

What will the committee learn?
In this committee you will learn to organize and plan the whole trip, get in contact with companies and convince them of your visit and to deal with stress. Furthermore, you will be in contact with companies and people from completely different cultures, so you will need to deal with that.

Interested in joining this committee?
Every year, we have two periods in which you can apply to become active at Asset IB&M. For more information about the procedure to become active, please visit this section. Of course, you can also just get more information and ask for our Becoming Active Guide in an email to our Vice-Chairman! Deadline for application for active membership was January 6, 23:59.
If you would like to know if this committee currently has spots available, please check the starting date of the committee (either February or September). If a committee starts in February, all spots will be available this application round.
Keep in mind, some committees have already started in September, but currently have spots available. To check this, check the number of total members and compare it to the current total amount of members.

Margot Janus
Jesper de Voijs
Timo Scheidel
Gijs Korthout
External Affairs Officer
Tim van der Linden
External Affairs Officer
Daan van Os
Total members
Hours per week
4 - 6

Thank you for being interested in one of our committees!

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