Twice a year (at the beginning of each semester) an informal magazine will be published with information about the courses and reports of the activities. This magazine will be handed out to all IBA students.

What does the committee do?
The IB&More committee is responsible for making an informal magazine, which will be distributed to all IBA students twice a year. They should use their creativity to think of interesting and fun articles. The booklet also contains a description and pass rates of the courses of the upcoming semester.

What does the committee learn?
If you are in this committee you can use and develop your creativity. Furthermore, you can improve your writing, planning and editing skills as you will have to write or edit some articles.

Interested in joining this committee?
Every year, we have two periods in which you can apply to become active at Asset | IB&M. For more information about the procedure to become active, please visit this section. Of course, you can also just get more information and ask for our Becoming Active Guide in an email to our Vice-ChairmanDeadline for application for existing Active members is August 23, 23:59. For new active members, the deadline is September 20, 23:59. 

Angela van Stekelenborg
Viktoria Nikolova
Taha Tajerian
Design Officer
Ingmar Kiewiet de Jonge
External Affairs Officer
Myrthe Heuer
Total members
Hours per week
1 - 2

Thank you for being interested in one of our committees!


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