Exchange Committee

The Exchange Committee is there for all students going on exchange. The committee organizes activities for students to make sure they make the right choice regarding their exchange destination and be well informed about their location.

What does the committee do?
Activities that are organized include an Orientation drink and the Exchange Dinner for example, which gives future exchange students the possibility to talk to students who previously went to their preferred destination during a drink or dinner. Furthermore, before the students go on exchange, the committee thinks of a goodbye event and gift. Lastly, after students come back from exchange, you will make sure to welcome them with a Welcome-Back Actvity! 

What does the committee learn?
In this committee, you will learn how to organize activities and you will also have to promote the activity. This means that you can develop your promotion skills.

Interested in joining this committee?
Every year, we have two periods in which you can apply to become active at Asset IB&M. For more information about the procedure to become active, please visit this section. Of course, you can also just get more information and ask for our Becoming Active Guide in an email to our Vice-Chairman! Deadline for application for active membership was January 6, 23:59.
If you would like to know if this committee currently has spots available, please check the starting date of the committee (either February or September). If a committee starts in February, all spots will be available this application round.
Keep in mind, some committees have already started in September, but currently have spots available. To check this, check the number of total members and compare it to the current total amount of members.

Anton van Werkum
Aniek Bär
Manon Janssen
Miranda Manschot
Promotion Officer
Michel van Ham
Total members
Hours per week
1 - 2

Thank you for being interested in one of our committees!

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