As treasurer, you are responsible for all financial affairs of Asset | International Business & Management. This may seem very boring at the beginning, but I can assure you that it is not! At the beginning of the academic year, you are responsible for drawing up the budget and afterwards, ensuring that the association follows this budget throughout the year. Together with your fellow board members you can initiate new investments for the association. Your main responsibility is that the association remains financially healthy, both now and in the future. In addition to this, you will also guide the treasurers of all committees and help them with all the financial matters of committees. After a while my fellow board members started to call me ‘Sugar Mommy’ and I embraced this name with open arms! It is very nice to make all the members in the association and your board members happy with the money you can provide them with for beer or other activities. Sometimes you also have to say no, but that is fine.

Furthermore, as treasurer you will represent Asset | International Business & Management in the Treasurers Meeting of faculty association Asset. During this meeting, you will discuss the investments, budget and other financial concerns that are of importance to the association as a whole. In addition to your participation in this meeting, you will be assigned to a portfolio which allows you to assist the Asset Treasurer in keeping the financial records of Asset orderly and financially sound. I had the contracts and invoices portfolio together with 2 treasurers of other departments. It was really nice to work together on something and for me, this hour in the week also became the fun hour to catch up with each other. You really become friends with the other departments’ board members as well.

Of course, financial affairs is not the only thing keeping you busy throughout the year. Something I especially enjoyed a lot is the involvement in the trips. Because a lot of money is involved when organizing such trips, the treasurer most likely gets to organize these together with the committee. I was responsible for the Ski Trip, ITC Trip, Lustrum Trip and ETC trip of 2023-2024.

Besides all the trip committees, I also had some other ones. I was responsible for the Women in Business committee and the IM committee. This made my year with committees a perfect mix of formal experience and informal fun!

Every treasurer within Asset is checked by an Audit of Accounts, which in the case of Asset | International Business & Management consists of the treasurers from the past three years. Therefore, you will join the Audit of Accounts after your board year as treasurer. The Audit of Accounts meets four times per year in order to discuss the current financial situation of the association. This is also a good moment to check whether you are good on track with your budget. And most important of them all, you get free food!

In addition to your daily tasks as treasurer, you have plenty of time to pick up other important projects which help to improve the association as a whole.

If you want more information about being the treasurer of Asset | International Business & Management, you can always contact Femke Janssen via [email protected] to learn more about it!



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