As secretary of the board, your function is very diverse. Besides some regular tasks, you are free to take on some projects and use your creativity!

Standard tasks you will take on as the secretary include minuting during important meetings such as the weekly board meetings, and the advisory council. Moreover, you are main responsible for the guidelines Asset | IB&M has to offer, and you need to keep our website up-to-date.

Besides these tasks, you are also very busy with guiding committees! The committees are very diverse, and can be informal or formal from origin. Together with the respective committee, you organize different events such as the Exchange Orientation Event, the IBA Cantus, and the Case Competition. Coordinating the committees is also very fun! You will get to know many members, in both a formal setting during the meetings, as well as an informal setting by having informal activities together with the committees.

Aside from tasks you perform for Asset | IB&M, you will also be  a representative for IB&M in the Secretary Meeting, Webmaster Meeting, and Study Support Meeting of Asset | Tilburg. Within these Faculty Wide Organs, you meet together with the representatives of all Asset departments. Together you work on tasks and projects of Asset | Tilburg, such as the yearplanning, the general website, and the monthly mail. Within these organs, you will also hold a specific portfolio, for which you execute the respective tasks. Besides the tasks, you will really get to know the boardmembers of all other departments!

As the secretary, you will have a lot of freedom to start some new projects as well to express your own creativity! Examples from last year, are designing new housestyles for the website, and searching for smart solutions for problems we ran into as a board. 

If you would like to have more specific information about being the Secretary of Asset | International Business & Administration, you can always contact our current Secretary, Levi Verschuren, via [email protected]



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