As the Chairman of Asset | International Business & Management, you are responsible for a variety of tasks, amongst others: leading the weekly board meetings, leading the DMM’s, maintaining contact with the university and being end responsible for strategy formulation and implementation of the association. There is always something to do, a lot of things can pop up spontaneously and no week looks the same! 

Hence, one key skill you need is flexibility. Being flexible is sometimes necessary, even if your weekly schedule is already quite full, since certain matters require direct attention. It could possibly mean that you have to shift within your planning or need to multitask different things at the same time. In order to manage all the different tasks and responsibilities, it is very important to maintain a ‘helicopter view’ of everything that is going on within and around the association.

Furthermore, you have to motivate and steer your fellow board members in achieving the policy goals that you set at the beginning of the year. A challenging but fun task that comes with room for plenty of personal development throughout the year. 

Apart from working on tasks related to Asset | IB&M, you will also represent Asset | International Business & Management in the general board of the faculty association Asset. Every week you will have a general board meeting of the faculty association during which you will discuss all important issues concerning the overarching faculty association Asset, get updates about everything significant going on in the association, and keep track of the policy that you will write with the general board. You will also take over the responsibility for a portfolio of your choice, which could for instance be the acquisition portfolio where you are responsible for coordinating all externals, the administration portfolio where you are responsible for the membership administration or the events portfolio, where you are responsible for coordinating the formal events organized by Asset. The amount of time you will spend on your portfolio-related tasks depends a lot on the portfolio you pick. 

Basically, you are the one who is up to date about all matters within Asset | International Business & Management and Asset Tilburg, and you make sure that the board leads our beautiful association to a higher level!

If you would like to have more specific information about the Chairman function, you can always contact our current chairman, Annika Rothe via [email protected]



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