As the vice-chairman, you have different responsibilities, which can in general be summarized as the internal affairs. Responsibilities are among others:

The active member policy

The active member policy is your main task within the board. The Vice-Chairman is therefore also known as Internal Affairs since this will be your main task. This means you are responsible for recruiting new active members and making sure that current active members are content and functioning well. Therefore you will have to recruit new active members, with whom you’ll have an introduction talk in which you will try to find out where you should place the new member. All the active members, including the new ones, will also have to write a motivation letter. You will have to assess where to best place everybody. With approval of the board, you will fill all the committees with (new) active members. You will consequently keep track of how everybody is doing, also through data of different lists. You will most likely also coordinate quite a few committees. At the end of each semester, you will have evaluation talks with all members to see how they feel about their active membership. Next to this contact moment, you are always the first contact person of the board for all active members to go to if they have any issues. The social cohesion of your department is something you will be very much concerned with, for instance, you also take pictures during the events and parties. Afterward, you sort and post these pictures in the private active member Facebook group. Once a year, you will chair an active members meeting so they can discuss their ideas together.

Departmental promotion

To attract participants and new active members you of course need proper promotion, which is a task for the vice. This includes designing and sending the monthly mail for both active and passive members, organizing meet & greets, maintaining Facebook and a Google Events Calendar. You will also be in charge of the social media planning for the whole department. Next to that, you’ll update the committee’s part and photo albums on the website. Lastly, you are also in charge of the promotion to attract new boardies and you’ll help with the interviews, for which you also make the questions.

Asset promotion

Together with the other vice-chairmen of the different Asset departments, you will be responsible for the promotion of Asset as a whole. This faculty organ, in which you will be seated, is called ‘Asset Academy.’ Tasks include recruiting passive and active members for the whole economic faculty. Filling faculty-wide committees and promoting Asset on open days and student for a day. In this organ, the tickets for all Asset wide parties are also divided. The AA also organizes all activities, promotion and registration for Asset during the TOP-Week. Furthermore, they set up the promotion for the Asset Inhouse Days and organize all boards activities.


As the vice-chairman, you are responsible for planning all of our events. This includes planning all events for the upcoming academic year, reserving rooms for events and being in the faculty wide organ ‘Year Planning’ for the year planning of Asset (faculty wide). As Asset IB&M is quite big, planning is a challenge, since we have many events each year, which can go up to 100+!


Of course, there are also daily tasks that every board member needs to do. These are a lot of small things, but among others, you have to update the board agenda and read the minutes for the board meeting and sell guidelines. We all split up all the different portfolios, such as the internationalization portfolio, but also the Instagram. Every year we also make a new policy and yearly new projects, which we will try to achieve. Last but not least, you’ll join the activities and make sure all members have a good time! Not to forget yourself, of course! Here you can find an example of a week as the vice-chairman of IB&M:




IB&M board meeting



Committee meetings, write the weekly update and update planning



Dinner with a committee



Checking emails, contact with some of  your active members



Writing a Facebook update, committee meeting, working on minor tasks



Date dinner activity



Committee meeting, Asset Academy tasks



Asset Academy (vice-chairmen meeting)



Free evening



Committee meetings and work on year projects.



work on one of your portfolio tasks (Internationalization portfolio)



IBA First Year Beercantus by IB&M, making pictures



Sorting & posting photos of the cantus



Update ranking the committees, Committee meeting, preparing the board meeting.



Free; weekend!

 Are you interested and do you want to know more? Contact us at for more information. You can read about the experiences of the current Vice-Chairman here.

How to apply?
To be able to apply please hand in your motivation letter and curriculum vitae. In your motivation letter you should indicate why you would like to join the board and how you feel you can contribute to the future of Asset | International Business & Management in general. Additionally, elaborate on the function you prefer and why you feel you are the right person, in particular, for this function. You can also indicate a second preference and give reasons why this function will suit you as well. You can apply by sending an email with your CV and motivation letter to

Deadline for application is November 25 23:59.

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