As the Chairman of Asset | International Business & Management, you are responsible for a variety of tasks, amongst others: leading the weekly board meetings, leading the DMM’s, maintaining contact with the university and being end responsible for strategy formulation and implementation of the association.

In order to perform these tasks, it is very important to maintain a ‘helicopter view’ of everything that is going on within and around the association. Furthermore, you have to motivate and steer your fellow board members in achieving the policy goals that you set at the beginning of the year. A challenging task that comes with room for plenty of personal development throughout the year.

This means that you will have a filled agenda every week. To give you an idea, a normal week for a chairman with the Events- and Vice-Chairman portfolio within Asset General could look like this:

Morning: Board meeting.
Afternoon: Update email, meet with the Food For Thought Committee, meet with Student Career Services together with the Independent Chairman and chairman of the EBT, prepare board meeting of the General Board of Asset Tilburg. 
Evening: Free time and/or sports.

Morning: Board meeting of Asset General.
Afternoon: Meet with the Business Night Committee, sit with Independent Chairman to discuss the outcomes of the General Board Meeting.
Evening: Free time and/or sports.

Morning: Room Duty at Asset General, working on Asset General related tasks.
Afternoon: Host a Food For Thought interview together with the committee and the interviewers, work on acquisition for the Business Night and Food For Thought. 
Evening: Exchange Dinner.

Morning: Monthly meeting with the Management Team of TiSEM, Career Services and the Independent Chairman, update email. 
Afternoon: Grab a coffee with one of our external stakeholders (e.g. student parties, alumni office, exchange office, international office), meet with the IM Trip Committee. 
Evening: Monthly Drink

Morning: Meeting with the Academic Director of IBA Program and/or the IM program, meet with the Date Dinner Committee. 
Afternoon: Finalize left-over tasks of the week, write and send update of the Events portfolio, fill in Board Agenda for next week.
Evening: Go home to my parents.

Even though your weekly schedule can become quite full, flexibility is sometimes necessary, since certain matters require direct attention and could possibly mean that you have to shift with your planning.

It can already be seen in the weekly schedule drawn above, but apart from working on tasks related to Asset | IB&M, you will represent Asset | International Business & Management in the general board meeting of faculty association Asset. During this meeting, you will discuss all important issues concerning the overarching faculty association Asset, get updates about everything significant going on in the association, and keep track of the policy that you will write with the general board. You will also apply for a portfolio of your choice, which could for instance be the acquisition portfolio where you are responsible for coordinating all externals, the administration portfolio where you are responsible for the membership administration or the events portfolio, where you are responsible for coordinating the formal events organized by Asset. The amount of time you will spend on your portfolio-related tasks depends a lot on the portfolio you pick. 

Basically, you are the one who is up to date about all matters within Asset | International Business & Management and Asset Tilburg, and you make sure that the board leads our beautiful association to a higher level!

If you would like to have more specific information about the Chairman function, you can always contact our current chairman, Stijn Wijsman, via or +316 34243339 and make an appointment!

How to apply?
To apply, you must hand in a motivation letter and curriculum vitae. In your motivation letter you should indicate why you would like to join the board and how you feel you can contribute to the future of Asset | International Business & Management in general. Additionally, elaborate on the function you prefer and why you feel you are the right person, in particular, for this function. You can also indicate a second preference and give reasons why this function will suit you as well. You can apply by sending an email containing your CV and motivation letter to

Deadline for application is May 3 23:59.


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