Being the Secretary of Asset | International Business & Management, invovles several ongoing projects throughout the year. These projects contain keeping the website of the association up to date with all events organized by Asset | IB&M, but also other relevant information about for example companies and committees. Futhermore, you are responsible for the guidelines we provide to the students, which means making sure they are up to date, ready on time.

Other recurring tasks of the secretary are making the minutes of the board meetings (and other important meetings like the Advisory Council meetings, Chairmen meetings & Active Members meeting) and being in charge of the in-and outgoing mail of IB&M. And, just like the other board members, you will also be coordinating several committees, ranging from formal to informal. 

As a secretary, you also are a representative in the Secretary's Meeting of Asset General. During these meetings, you are, together with the other secretaries of the other departments of Asset, responsible for the members database of Asset and the monthly mail that is sent out to all Asset members. 

Besides all these specific tasks, there are many projects throughout the year where you will become responsible for. There also is time to develop your own goals and persue those, with regards to Asset | IB&M and/or Asset | Tilburg. 

As you can see, the tasks of a Secretary are very diverse and include a lot of creativity. Besides the meetings you have to attend and/or minute, you respond to emails, keep the website up to date and make sure there guidelines are on time and on stock.
You can find an example of a week in the life of the Secretary below:

Morning: IB&M board meeting (making minutes)
Afternoon: check email, start on minor tasks appointed during the board meeting, committee meetings
Evening: Informal with the IBA Committee 

Morning: Committee meeting, adding an event to the website
Afternoon: Check email, update event subscriptions, send a company mailing
Evening: Cycling Dinner

Morning: Committee meetings
Afternoon: Webmaster meeting, Secretary meeting, work on Alumni Event 
Evening: Board evening 

Morning: Pick up guidelines at the Copy&Co, check email, committee meetings
Afternoon: Write the IB&M Monthly Mail, working on a project with another board member
Evening: Monthly Drink

Morning: check email, unsubscriptions, make some changes to the website 
Afternoon: Prepare board meeting
Evening: Weekend

If you would like to have more specific information about being the Secretary of Asset | International Business & Administration, you can always contact our current Secretary, Nils Oskam, via [email protected].

How to apply?
To be able to apply please hand in your motivation letter and curriculum vitae. In your motivation letter you should indicate why you would like to join the board and how you feel you can contribute to the future of Asset | International Business & Management in general. Additionally, elaborate on the function you prefer and why you feel you are the right person, in particular, for this function. You can also indicate a second preference and give reasons why this function will suit you as well. You can apply by sending an email with your CV and motivation letter to [email protected]

Deadline for application is May 8, 23:59.


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