External Affairs Officer

As the External Affairs Officer, you are responsible for all the contact that takes place with companies. Besides this, there is a lot more which you can be doing during a board year as an External Affairs Officer at Asset | International Business & Management.

First, contact with companies will be done in two different ways: warm and cold. You will get to do both a lot during a year. For Asset | IB&M, we are looking for companies for the events, but also for exposure, for example on our own Website, our social media channels, or on Career Platform Tilburg.

A warm contact is a company, which you can reach via someone you know. This can be because the company was/is a partner of our association and therefore, you/your predecessor knows the recruiter of that specific company. The contact can also be warm because someone you know personally works at that company. This means that you can enter the company via a ‘side door’, figuratively. Warm acquisition is always easier than cold acquisition because people seem to be more willing to help you further when you know them or when someone you know knows them.

Furthermore, you get to do cold acquisition, which means that you will try to arrange new partnerships with companies that are interesting in the members of the association, and interesting companies for the activities the association organizes. During summer, you plan a lot of summer talks with (new) companies, to discuss the different cooperation possibilities.

After the partner conversation with both warm and cold companies, you probably have arranged some new partnerships or extended old ones. Therefore, you must create new contracts. You must make sure the partner is satisfied and that all actions agreed upon are specified in the new contract. This takes quite some time; you first have to create the contract, wait for the response of the recruiter, sometimes go over the contract during a call with the partner, collect all the right data for the website and implement it in there together with the Secretary of the Board. After you did everything you promised to do, you must keep in contact with the recruiter by doing a regular checkup. This is to keep the contact warm and to see whether they are still satisfied or would like to cooperate in something else.

Aside from contact with companies, there are more important function-specific tasks. In practice, you will also help the External Affairs Officers of the committees with their company contacts. For example, you will advise them on how to approach a company, check the company requests done by committees, or advise them on how to maintain contact with recruiters. Furthermore, you will keep track of the acquisition progress of all formal committees, which you sometimes coordinate yourself. Besides being responsible for the acquisition of Asset | International Business & Management, you are also responsible for the acquisition of Asset Tilburg. All External Affairs Officers of the different Asset departments meet weekly during the Acquisition Meeting. Together with them, you discuss faculty-wide career activities, like the Master Experience Days, and other matters that involve multiple departments, such as Career Platform Tilburg or the Asset Member Card Deals. By having these weekly meetings, you get to know your fellow departments as well!

Furthermore, you will spend a lot of time on general board tasks. Together with the other board members you will draft and implement the policy for Asset | International Business & Management for upcoming academic year, you coordinate (in)formal committees, have contact with the active members, and arrange events or work on other projects of the board.  You can also come up with projects yourself. You are free to give your own twist to the association, which is fun!

As an External Affairs Officer, you work closely together with the other External Affairs Officer of the board. This includes having partner conversations together, coming up with a new acquisition plan in times of COVID-19, brainstorming about the new set-up of events, working together on Asset General tasks, and look for improvements for the new partner brochure. You do both have your own companies with whom you are in contact with and you have your own committees. 

Some of the things you can get to learn during a board year as an External Affairs Officer is to become more professional in your communication, get more independent when working on tasks, become better at small talk, be a coordinator for your committees, create a clear overview for yourself to keep track of all your tasks, and learn how to work closely together with 5 people with various personalities. Besides these, there are a lot more things to learn. It is all in your own hands.

Do you want more information about being an External Affairs Officer? Contact us at [email protected] for more information or ask Hilde or Sebas to go for a cup of coffee or come to the rooms.

How to apply?
The deadline for application is November 27, 23.59h

A week in the life of an External Affairs Officer


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