Become part of the board of 2023 - 2024!

Are you looking for a new way to develop yourself?
Board applications for Asset | International Business & Management are now open!

During a board year at Asset | IB&M you develop yourself in many ways. You will have the opportunity to expand your social network, get acquainted with potential future employers, gain practical knowledge and, above all, have a lot of fun!

As a board member, you work together closely with five other board members, who all have their respective responsibilities. Together, you are the face of the association, and you will manage it as such! 

Together with your fellow board members, you come across lots of different challenges and situations, which can help you develop yourself for your future. Every board member will have some responsibilities within Asset | IB&M, as well as within Asset Tilburg. 

Responsibilities within Asset | International Business & Management
Besides the respective function responsibilities, all board members have responsibilities for Asset | IB&M in general as well. As a board, we have a board meeting on Monday morning, where we discuss all our current topics and issues, as well as committee updates. All board members are functioning as a coordinator for several committees. As a coordinator, you advise and help the committee where necessary, but mostly, you will let the committee free with their ideas and plans. During the week, multiple events will take place which you will attend. Some of these might be organized by a different association or by Asset Tilburg, but most of them will be organized by Asset | IB&M and our committees! During these events, you will remain responsible for the people attending, but above all you will meet a lot of members and have a lot of fun! Besides this, you will divide several portfolios concerning different topics together, which concern subjects such as sustainability, alumni contact, exchange, internship orientation, etc.. 

Responsibilities within Asset Tilburg
Each board member will have a place within one or more Faculty Wide Organ(s) (FWO) respective to their function. Within this FWO, you will discuss topics on an Asset Tilburg level, which involves all departments of Asset. Together, you will work on events or other functionalities of Asset Tilburg, and you will have a portfolio with a specific task you will handle. 

By working on an Asset Tilburg level, you will get to know all the other board members of the other departments very well on work but also on a social level. This really contributes to your practical, work, and social skills, but also makes your year even more fun!

Are you curious about the opening positions within the board, and their respective responsibilities? You can find them at their respective page:


How to apply?

In order to apply, please hand in your motivation letter and curriculum vitae.

In your motivation letter you should indicate why you would like to join the board, and why you want to join the board of Asset | International Business & Management specifically. Moreover, we would like you to indicate how you feel you can contribute to the future of Asset | International Business & Management in general. Additionally, elaborate on the function you prefer and why you feel you are the right person, in particular, for this function.

You can also indicate a second preference and give reasons why this function will suit you as well. You can apply by sending an email with your CV and motivation letter to our Secretary, Levi Verschuren, via [email protected].

Deadline for application is April 23, 23.59h

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