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Without active members we would not be able to organize all our activities. We currently have about 150 active members who are active in one of our 27 committees.


Expand your world and become active!

  • Gain international experience
  • Improve your communicational and organizational skills
  • Extend your network of friends
  • And have a lot of fun at our great activities

Types of Committees

Being active at Asset | International Business & Management means that there is a wide range of committees varying from very informal to very formal. We talk with every new and current active member about his or her ideas of becoming active so we can put him or her in a suitable committee.

  • Are you new or do you prefer an informal committee which doesn’t cost too much time and provides you with the opportunity to get to know a lot of people? Then you can be placed in for example the Activities Committee or Sports Committee, since these committees are suitable for you.
  • Would you like to organize a big formal event and improve your organizational skills? Then you can be placed in for example the IBA Week Committee or Consultancy Days Committee, since this is perfect for you.
  • If you would like to get more information about our committees, feel free to contact Wessel Grol or just drop by our rooms (E114).

Procedure to become active

If you want to become an active member at Asset | International Business & Management, you are required to write a short motivation letter. Afterward, we will invite you for an introduction talk. Make sure to send your letter as soon as possible, since we are not able to plan a talk after September 9. 
For the members that would like to remain active almost the same procedure holds. Since you've already had an evaluation talk, you only have to write a motivation letter before September 9,  23.59.

To give you an idea about the content of the motivation letter, there are some aspects which need to be included:

- A short introduction about yourself.
- Why you want to become/remain active at Asset | International Business & Management.
- What are your strengths? And which skills do you want to develop?
- What do you expect of being a member of a committee?
The letter has to be no longer than half a page and has to be send to before September 9 23:59 at the latest.

The deadline to become active was September 9, if you would like to join a committee you can always try again in January.


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