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Without active members we would not be able to organize all our activities. The active members are the spine of our association.


Do you want to improve your communicational and organizational skills, while also extending your network of friends? Then being an active member of Asset | International Business & Management might be something for you!

As an active member you will gain international experience, and have a lot of fun at our great activities! 

Types of Committees
There are several different types of committees, ranging from informal to formal, and in between. Therefore, you can imply how many time you want to spend on committee work, and what (organizational) skills you want to develop during your introduction talk. 

Within our Become Active Guide.pdf you can find more information about the specific committees available!

Committees that are opening up in February are:
- Business Club Committee
- Consultancy Days Committee
- Recruitment Event Committee
- Sustainability Event

- Business Blog Committee
- European Travel Committee
- IM Trip Committee

- Ski Trip Committee

Procedure to become active
If you want to become an active member of Asset | International Business & Management, you are required to write a motivation letter. This will be followed by an invitation for an introduction talk. The goal of this introduction talk is to meet each other, and figure out what committee suits you best. The deadline for sending your motivation letter is February 5, 23:59 for new active members.

Members who would like to remain active and join a different committee only need to send in a motivation letter before January 15, 23:59.

To give you an idea about the content of the motivation letter, there are some aspects which need to be included:

- An introduction about yourself.
- Why do you want to become/remain active at Asset | International Business & Management?
- What are your strengths? And which skills do you want to develop?
- What do you expect of being a member of a committee?
- How many hours do you expect to spend on committee work?
- Feel free to add any additional motivation, since the letter should represent the ambitions you have at IB&M!

The letter has to be send to [email protected] before January 15, 23:59 for existing active members, for new active members the deadline is February 5, 23:59 at latest.


Faculty Wide Committees

Do you want to work together with students from other studies and become involved in the organization of events organized by Asset? Perhaps a Faculty Wide Committee is something for you! These committees organize the Asset parties, the COdE’s, the Food for Thought sessions, the Business Night, and the Asset Ski Trip.
Click on the button below to find an overview of all Faculty Wide Committees.

Faculty Wide Committees


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